high pressure water pump

Water Pumps, Transfer Pumps, Trash Pumps and Chemical Pumps explained!

There are many types of pumps around, including high pressure water pumps and each type has a particular function, unfortunately there is no one pump to suit every need. As a very basic description pumps are used to transfer liquid from one location to another. Whether you are clearing a large area of water on the farm or construction site, draining flood water from the house or fighting a fire with a high pressure water pump. 

Grudge Imports ATV safety tips

7 Quick Tips about ATV Safety

At Grudge we take ATV safety and Quad Bike safety very seriously. Our vehicles are fitted with a number of safety features including hydraulic disc brakes and throttle governors for the kids quads. But as the user there are a number of tips you should follow that can help ensure you stay safe while riding your ATV.  

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Benefits of a log splitter

6 Signs you need to invest in a Log Splitter

Do you find yourself asking the question “Should I invest in a log splitter?”. Only to have more questions follow like “Do I really need one?” and “What are the benefits of a log splitter?”.

Log Splitters can seem like a luxury item. But with the price of log splitters coming down it really is becoming a time saving device on many wish lists. To help you out we have the 6 most common signs that you need to invest in a Log Splitter below.  We have also thrown in a number of benefits of a log splitter.

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What size quad bike should my child ride

What size quad bike should my child ride?

We are often asked what size quad bike should I choose for my child?  Of course there are many factors to consider when anwering this question and a lot of options out there.

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