Benefits of a log splitter

6 Signs you need to invest in a Log Splitter

Do you find yourself asking the question “Should I invest in a log splitter?”. Only to have more questions follow like “Do I really need one?” and “What are the benefits of a log splitter?”.

Log Splitters can seem like a luxury item. But with the price of log splitters coming down it really is becoming a time saving device on many wish lists. To help you out we have the 6 most common signs that you need to invest in a Log Splitter below.  We have also thrown in a number of benefits of a log splitter.

Signs you should invest in a log splitter

  1. Your back and shoulders are not what they used to be. Swinging an axe, even if it is the best axe on the market, can take its toll on your back and shoulders. If you are feeling the wear and tear of old age this is the number one sign that a log splitter could be a good investment. A log splitter that operates in both horizontal and vertical positions is perfect for you.
  2. You are time poor. In this day and age we are all time poor. With a 45 ton petrol log splitter you can split much more timber in the time it takes to split a log with an axe. Think about the amount you charge per hour for your own time in your profession. Add this up and we are pretty sure you will find you have paid off the splitter in no time.
  3. You are surrounded by hard wood. If hard wood is common in your area then a log splitter will be your best friend. Some timbers seem impossible to split with an axe no matter how many times you swing at it. For most the 30 ton log splitter is a good entry range splitter. This splitter that will provide plenty of splitting force when attacking a stubborn log. Knots in timber are also a common problem. We tested our 30 ton petrol splitter with a giant knot a while back. We have the video evidence to prove this was not a problem for our wood splitter. Click here to view it on our YouTube channel.
  4. You rely on firewood to heat your house. If you rely on firewood to heat your home then log splitting must be an arduous task. Depending on the timber you use, you can really chew through quite an amount of firewood to heat an entire house. Paying for already split firewood is also quite costly. Why not balance this against the cost of a log splitter?
  5. You love a good campfire. Why not keep the whole experience relaxing, from the log splitting through to the log burning and marshmallow toasting! A log splitter will keep your supply of firewood up should the desire arise to light a fire on a cool winters evening.
  6. You need your timber to be a specific size. Log splitters can split timber right down to kindling size with ease and precision. They will give you the perfect size in no time.

Which log splitter is best suited to my needs?

Have you have ticked a few of the signs above? If you have decided its time to take the plunge you might have a few more questions. We have an article to help you decide which splitter is best for you. Petrol or diesel, 18 ton or 30 ton or 45 ton?  Hopefully we have made this a little easier in our next article. If you would prefer to speak to someone our friendly staff can advise you on the log splitter to best suit your needs.

There are many reasons to own a log splitter and in our opinion very few reasons not to. The amount of time and effort a log splitter will save you is one of the best reasons you should own one.