grudge diesel engines reviewed

Grudge Diesel Engines Reviewed!

Grudge Imports have been importing diesel engines since 2003. Below we take you through the features and specifications of our diesel engines. So how do Grudge diesel engines stack up?

Grudge diesel engine range

We have 3 engines in our single cylinder air cooled diesel engines range, the 4.2HP diesel engine, 6.0HP and 10.0HP engines. The configuration is virtually the same for each of these stationery engines, just physically bigger.

With regards to shaft size our 4.2HP diesel engine comes with a 3/4 inch shaft. While the 6.0HP and 10.HP engines have a 1 inch straight keyed shaft.

Features and servicing

All our diesel engines come with electric start and recoil start options. Starting your Grudge engine using the recoil start is made easier by having the decompression lever which is fitted to all our diesel engines. To start your diesel engine simply push the decompression lever down and pull the cord. This holds down the exhaust value for a second to allow the engine to get some momentum before starting. We also recommend using the decompression lever when starting your engine with the electric start motor as well. 

Other features of our diesel engines include the throttle control, voltage regulator and easily accessed air cleaner

Our engines are very easy to service. The oil filter features an oil strainer system that is easy to access. The oil dip stick is easy to access and is located where the oil fill is. These engines take a little bit over a litre of oil so there is not too much oil requirement. 

In the video below Andrew takes you through the features and specs of the Grudge diesel engine range. If you are after a diesel engine in a different size send us a message and we will see if we can source it for you.