grudge pumps review petrol and diesel pumps

Grudge pumps review

Grudge Imports have been importing pumps from China since 2003. Our range of petrol and diesel pumps includes high pressure pumps, transfer pumps, chemical pumps and trash pumps. To help you choose the right pump for the job we have a couple of videos below detailing the specifications and features of our pumps.

Diesel high pressure pumps

We have one of the largest ranges of diesel pumps in Brisbane. Our range starts with the 1.5” high pressure pump which is available with single or dual impeller. The 1.5” dual impeller pump will give you a lift of 75 metres and a suction of between 6 to 8 metres, so you can allow for between 6 to 8 metres from the water source to the pump. The 1.5” single impeller high pressure pump will give you a slightly less lift height of 55 metres.

Grudge dual impeller pumps can be identified by the yellow housing, while the single impeller pumps feature a silver housing around the pump. The high pressure pumps feature a triple manifold block on the top which provides a main outlet and two side outlets. For the 2 inch dual impeller pump the main outlet is 2 inch and the two side outlets are 1.5 inch. This is especially convenient when connecting fire hoses which can be directly connected to the side outlets. All our pumps come with caps for each outlet, so any outlet not in use can be capped off. 

Diesel transfer pumps

Diesel transfer pumps will move more water than the high pressure pumps, but are not designed for pressure. So if shifting water from one source to another these pumps are ideal. Our transfer pumps feature a simple manifold block system with an inlet and outlet. The outlet can be moved to face forward or to either side depending on where you want the water to be directed. 

The engines on our diesel pumps are easy to operate, with the throttle body easy to access on the side of the engine. The throttle works on a manual stop system – simply select the revs and shut down the engine. If you are using the pump in a water truck, for example, the engines are set up ready for cable operation as well. Each engine has a standard fuel pump configuration – there is no need to bleed these units, if they run out of fuel they will self prime. They are also electric start and pull / recoil start with a decompression lever that allows the engine to start easily from the recoil start. To read more about our diesel engines check out our review here for tips on how to clean and service your diesel engine. 

Petrol high pressure pumps

Just like the diesel high pressure pumps our petrol high pressure pumps are available with single or twin impellers. 

The 1.5 inch dual impeller high pressure pump can push water to a column of 75 metres then there will be a zero flow. The output flow rate on this pump is 18,000 litres per hour, that is calculated coming directly out of the pump head. As mentioned above the high pressure pumps are designed as a fire fighting type pump, simply screw a fire fighting hose directly onto one of the side outlets. Moving up in the range is the 2 inch dual impeller which also has a 75 metre head height but has a higher flow rate of 25,000 litres per hour. 

All the petrol pumps feature Grudge petrol engines with a simple pull start system and on off switch. The engines feature throttle control, decent sized fuel tank, plus the protection of a low oil level indicator so when the oil is low the engine will turn itself off. Service wise they are quite simple with dip stick and oil fill point in the same location a simple oil change regularly will keep your engine going for a long time. 

In the petrol pump range we also have transfer pumps and a 3″ trash pump that can handle solids up to 1.25 inches.

Spare parts for pumps

We carry a large range of spare parts for all Grudge pumps, including internal engine parts. We also have a range of accessories for the pumps, like the 19mm yellow fire fighting hose, lay flat hose, inlet hose and grey suction hose, plus cam locks in male and female couplings and caps.