silent diesel generator

Grudge have been importing diesel generators from the same supplier for over 10 years. The silent diesel generator are becoming a very popular source of back up power, especially over the last couple of years.

In our silent diesel generator range we have the 6.25kVA and the 14kVA. In this article we are going to discuss the specifications and features of the 14kVA. 

Single and three phase power options

This powerful generator is available in both single phase and three phase power. The single phase generator features two 240VAC 15 AMP power outlets, suitable for larger power tools. While the three phase generator features a 5 pin 3 phase 415VAC 16 AMP as well as the two 240VAC 15AMP outlets.

Both the single and three phase generators feature an electronic display, a circuit breaker and earth leakage system. The electronic display allows you to scroll through the various readings. Details on voltage, amps being drawn, kilowatts and hertz are easily accessible. Each generator also shows the hours of usage on the hour meter. This can be very helpful when planning your services. 

Engine power and maintenance

The 14kVA generators run on a 20hp twin cylinder diesel engine. It is an air cooled diesel engine with an oil cooler as well. From a service point of view, these units are very easy to maintain with service doors on both sides allowing full access to the engine. The engine sump drain is easily accessible and can be drained outside of the unit. The spin on oil filter, dip stick, oil fill caps, fuel primer and injectors are also easily accessed through the side service doors and the top access door.

These generators have a large base fuel tank with a capacity of 60 litres. In terms of running time, the 20hp engine is rated at about 0.35 of a litre per kilowatt hour. This will give you 11-12 hours run time at full power. In reality though general use doesn’t require the full 14kVA power of these generators. If your average use requires around 10kVA of power then you will get approximately 16-17 hours out of a full tank of fuel. 

Grudge Imports also stock a large range of spare parts for our generators, including engine parts and electric board parts. 

So if you are after a generator for a back up source of power for your home, workshop or property keep the Grudge 14kVA generators in mind. If you need more information or are unsure what size generator you need, call Andrew or Brett they will be able to help you out.

We also have a video below going through all the features detailed in this article.