Warranty Terms and Conditions

Grudge Imports Pty Ltd will warrant products against faulty workmanship or defective materials. All warranties are on a Parts Only basis and do not include the cost of labour.

  • Unless otherwise stated on the purchase invoice, all products will carry a 30 day parts warranty.
  • Freight cost to and from the Grudge Service Centre is at the purchasers expense.
  • Warranty is only given to the original owner and is not transferrable.

This warranty does not apply to any part, which in the option of Grudge Imports Pty Ltd was defective because of improper maintenance, improper assembly, alterations, abuse, negligence or accident.

This warranty does not cover loss of use of the Grudge vehicle, loss of time, inconvenience or other consequential damage which includes, but is not limited to, loss or damage to persons or property or any expense of returning any damaged units to the Grudge distributor or authorised Grudge dealer.

What is not covered in this warranty:

  • Installation of non-Grudge parts;
  • Fair wear and tear;
  • Damage which results from improper storage;
  • Damage caused by incorrect fuels or lubricants;
  • Renting;
  • Disassembly, adjusting or repairing of the vehicle in any way so as to adversely affect its safety or reliability;
  • Competition or racing;
  • Abuse or misuse;
  • Failure to service and maintain the unit at regular intervals;
  • Batteries, lights, plastics;
  • Tyres and tubes;
  • Belts;
  • Cables.

How to claim warranty:

  • Contact Grudge Service Centre on (07) 3875 2210;
  • Original invoice;
  • The unit or parts returned to the Grudge Service Centre;
  • If Grudge Imports is satisfied that it is a genuine warranty claim, they will replace the parts;
  • Goods bought through Grudge Distributors need to be returned to them.

Please note: It is the owners’ responsibility to ensure that all nuts and bolts are tight and chain and cable adjustments are correct. If you are unsure about any aspects of this warranty please contact the Grudge Service Centre on (07) 3875 2210.