What size quad bike should my child ride

What size quad bike should my child ride?

We are often asked what size quad bike should I choose for my child?  Of course there are many factors to consider when anwering this question and a lot of options out there.

Is this determined by the age of the child or the size/weight of the child?

Firstly you need to consider the age of the child and whether they have the strength, judgement and ability to be able to control a mechanical piece of equipment.  When choosing a quad bike for your child it is important that the size of the bike matches the size of the child.  The first consideration is being able to sit comfortably on the quad bike. This means that the child’s feet should be flat on the bike’s footwell with the leg bent at about 90 degrees.

It is then important that the child can comfortably reach the handle bars without having to lean forward.  Their back should be straight and upright, with the ability to steer the vehicle from full lock right and left.  As it is important that the child is not too small for the quad it is equally important that they are also not too big for the quad bike either.

What safety features should you ensure your childs quad bike has?

When choosing a quad bike for your child you should not try to find the cheapest one you can.  Many suppliers can offer you a cheap quad but that often translates to an inferior dangerous piece of equipment.  Don’t be afraid of the Chinese imports, their quality has improved enormously over the last 5-10 years.  You don’t need to pay the high price of a Japanese “known” brand.  What you need to look for is good value for money.

When choosing a kids quad bike look for safety features like these:

  • Hydraulic disc brakes as opposed to the cheaper drum brakes;
  • Remote control start/stop function;
  • Speed governor to give you the ability to govern down the engine and to slow the max. speed while kids are learning to ride the vehicle.

One of the most important considerations for anyone riding a quad but particularly children is to wear a proper fitting helmet, and protective clothing.

Click here to find out more about the safe operation of quad bikes. Please remember you should never allow kids to ride an adults quad bike.  A seven or eight year old child may weigh 20-30 kg, but an adults quad can weigh 300kg.

Have your child fitted for the correct size Quad Bike

Our kids quad bikes range in size from 70cc through to the 125cc sports quad and we have expert staff on hand to help you find what size quad bike will suit your child.