which wood splitter petrol diesel or electric

Petrol, diesel or electric wood splitter … what should I choose?

In the past 10 years log splitters (also know as block splitters, hydraulic wood splitter) have come down in price to where they are now very affordable.  Wood splitting has suddenly become very cost effective for the end user. And also for those using a hydraulic splitter to earn some income.  With this new affordability many people have gone away from the cheaper electric log splitter.

Back and time saving features!

Wood splitting does not have to be the back breaking chore that it once was.  Save your back and choose a firewood splitter that will operate in the horizontal and vertical position. Save time and add a 4 way head attachment to your splitter. This will increase your productivity by 200%! Another feature to save your back and time is electric start instead of the old recoil start.

What should I choose … a petrol wood splitter or a diesel wood splitter?

The next consideration is petrol or diesel?  Petrol or diesel  driven splitters will produce the same force at the cutting head if they are rated at the same tonnage.  Be careful when choosing a log splitter that the engine is not underpowered for the tonnage claimed.  Grudge log splitters use an 18 HP engine for the 45 ton petrol driven splitter, 11 HP for the 45 ton Diesel driven splitter and 9 HP for the 30 ton petrol  log splitter.  Some suppliers are claiming similar tonnage at the cutting head but with much smaller engines.

What about second hand log splitters?

A lot of buyers will see a second hand wood splitter for sale and be tempted to purchase it to save some money.  The problem with a second hand block splitter is that you really don’t know how much work it has done.  There are a few questions you need to ask.

  1. Is the engine on its last legs?
  2. What is the state of the hydraulic pump?
  3. Are the hydraulic cylinder seals leaking?
  4. What is the condition of the hydraulic hoses?
  5. Has the log splitter been well maintained, etc etc.

Buying a new log splitter will give you piece of mind that you will have many years of effortless splitting ahead of you.  Be assured that the splitter you buy is covered by warranty and that the supplier has a good range of spare parts to back up and support the unit.

Happy wood splitting!