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Worried About Length? Camlock Fittings Are A Bloke’s Best Friend!

Worried About Length? Camlock Fittings Are A Bloke’s Best Friend!

Size matters. If you’re concerned about your hose sizing up then you need to look into camlock fittings before you’re left red-faced.

Choosing the right equipment for the right job

Hose length, capacity and pressure might sound like the start of a rude joke but it’s serious business. Your equipment has a massive impact on your ability to be productive, efficient and safe.

Ensuring you’re selecting the correct camlock fittings will give you a lot more control and leave you with a confidence that you didn’t have before.

Camlock fittings

Think of camlocks as the thinking man’s little helper. They help you rapidly connect or disconnect your fittings on piping or hoses. Aluminium camlock fittings allow for a tight connection and an easier flow. They’ll also mean that your hoses are better looked after which will extend the life of your investment.

Grudge Imports have a wide variety of aluminium camlock fittings to choose from, depending what you’re into and what you want to use your hose for. Grudge Import’s full range of camlocks can be found here.

Looking for a little something extra?

If applying camlock fittings still isn’t giving you the impact you’re looking for, there are more products that can give you that extra ‘oomph’ you’ve been lacking.

Using a pump, particularly something backed up by high pressure, will add that sense of ‘grunt’ to your game. Pairing an impressive piece of machinery like this with some nice, tight camlock fittings will add efficiency and power like you’ve never seen before.

Using a tight camlock fitting and a shiny new pump means you’re going to want to upgrade your hose as well. Once you’ve had a little taste of how high quality equipment improves your work space you’ll soon be chasing more of it!

Camlock fittings will have your hose feeling like new again

Getting a brand new camlock involved will rejuvenate your older equipment, improve workplace health and safety and quickly provide a real return on investment. Nothing says ‘good decision’ like something that instantly improves productivity and efficiency.

Need camlock fittings? Get in contact with Grudge Imports and see what solutions they can come up with for your particular dilemma.

Send in a confidential inquiry about camlock fittings to suit your needs. We’ll have your hose firing like new before you know it.